Thursday, May 21, 2009

guys ::sigh::

So CRF and I have been talking lately. Last night was his birthday so I im'd him to see if he had fun and if he was still alive. We started talking and he said "so I've decided." Then he made an HIMYM reference and changed the subject. I was joking around with him and said that I'd tell him what I decided if he told me what he decided. He said that he didn't want to say it because I would shoot him down. Eventually he said that he decided that we should hang out. Like J, he is also superflirty so I can't read him. I im'd B, my exboyfriend turned best friend, to get a guy's perspective on this. I showed him the conversation and his reply was "it's possible but yeah hard to tell depends on the guy." Thanks B. Superhelpful. Totally why I keep you around.


  1. ah! i can so totally relate, guys are so freaking frustrating!!

  2. I can get friend boy to act like my boyfriend even to onlookers...but I cannot get him to ask me out. And boys think girls are complicated!

  3. oy.. men are sooo tricky!!! xoxoo