Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the absolute last thing that I will do before I leave work today*

*aside from kicking TLS's rear end in Lexulous

Will be to post my weekly favorite things!

In honor of my trip to see KMH (32 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!), this week's favorite things will be devoted to luggage tags.

One of my favorite things about travelling is getting fun luggage tags. I have a really cute matching Lilly luggage tag and passport case set that I won from one of Kappa Prep's giveaways that is going with me on this trip! Despite the fact that I have so many luggage tags, I always seem to be acquiring more. Probably because they make a cute gift "extra." Here are some great ones:

Pink and Green Leather Crown from Baekgaard, $9
Pink Heart Luggage Tag from Tiffany & Co, $60 (if anyone can figure out how to post better pictures from Tiffany, let me know

Pink and Yellow Polka Dotted Flip Flops Luggage Tag from SB Design Studio, $9.95

Pink Polka Dot Luggage Tag from Etsy Seller thecottagecupboard, $9.50.

Silver Stripe luggage tag from Flight 001, $9.

Set of 6 patterned luggage tags from Flight 001, $12.50.


  1. Ha. I love the last ones... hands off my bag :) xxoo have fun doll!

  2. Love these luggage tags! Need to get some for my next big trip. =)

  3. Nice!

    For better photos: Print Screen and edit in "Paint"!!!



  4. I totally agree, these do make a great little addition to an incomplete gift.

  5. love the group with the comments..

    my hubbie always teases me about how heavy my bag's our joke at the airport!

  6. I love the one that says "Please unload my bag first." :)

  7. I love those luggage tags! I would definitely add ribbon though!

  8. I always buy cute luggage tags but I don't use them on checked bags because I am afraid someone will steal them!

  9. Oh wow, how about the ones with the great sayings?! They are TDF. Totally!

    Great finds!

  10. Love the pink Tiffany tag and the flip flops tag.

  11. I am OBSESSED with luggage tages! So glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

  12. I am loving the pink polka dotted etsy one.

  13. TOO CUTE!
    Have a fabulous day!!
    xxx me

  14. I have to say that i bought some really cute luggage tags from the BoatMan Geller Tent sale. these that you have post are wonderful. They will give you a smile when you find your luggage at the carousal.

  15. :) Hey sweetie!! Was just checking this out and thought of you: they have LOTS of ladybugs!! :)

    Love the luggage tags - they are too fun!!!