Friday, April 24, 2009

who's ready for my favorite things?

This week's favorite things post is devoted to something I have been buying a lot more of recently, pretty stationary.

First up is an item that I have been lusting over and begged the Preppy Princess to stock. Boatman Geller Ladybugs Repeat notecards. How many times can I use the phrase awwwwwwwwww until it starts to completely lose all meaning?
These cards fall under the category of need, not want. Right now may be a good time to remind my mother that I have a birthday coming up and already have a nutcracker. $66 for a set of 25 at the Preppy Princess.

Also from the Preppy Princess are these Fuschia Edged Folded Notecards by Donovan Designs. $20 for a set of 10. I am a sucker for anything that's personalized.

Next up, an Etsy find that pretty much defines what it means to be MRM. Red, pale blue, and a ladybug? Yes please! $5 for one at Arlissa Vaughn.

Another thing that I am obsessing over is notecards that have fabric on them. I love the colors, textures, simplicity, well everything of these Pink Lotus cards. $17 for five from one of my favorite stores, Kate's Paperie.

Being that I'm a big dork, I think these cards are so cute.That's snail cards for snail mail, get it? $9.95 for a set of 14 at Papyrus.

More cards from Papyrus and the reasons for why I'm going to go broke:
Flocked beetle notecards. These may be some of the most beautiful and classiest cards that I've seen. $24 for a set of 8.

Also pretty but much more affordable, these Calligraphic Swash cards with caddy make a great gift.

The caddy includes 40 notecards and 40 envelopes for $24.95.

Flowers and Silhouettes note cards in my favorite color combination. $14.95 for a set of 20 cards/ four different designs
Really, I can't have an opportunity to blog about Lilly and not take it.

Notecards with cutouts made to look like the classic shift:

$15 for a set of 10 from Lilly Pulitzer.

From Lilly's personalized stationary line, foldover note cards in my favorite pattern.

$75 for a set of 25 from the Preppy Princess. Mommy, please remember that I am an only child and you love me very much.


  1. O.M.G.

    Love love love it all!

    *online shopping*

  2. I feel like everytime I go to the store I see a little box of 10 cards and I think "those will come in handy for such and such." Now I have like 8 or more boxes waiting for such and such event so i can use them.

  3. So many cute notecards, so little time! My favorites are the flocked beatle, and the caddy set from Papyrus -- love all the different color combos they have of those!

  4. I LOVE Kate's Paperie! I stopped in the SoHo store and found the prettiest "Thank You" card.