Monday, April 27, 2009

Well I'm a Bright One

My best friend, GNB, has been trying to buy a loft in Brooklyn for a long time. The building has finally finished construction and her apartment is still empty. She decided to have a pre-housewarming party while it's still empty. As soon as I heard about it, I put it in my planner. (Once something is in my planner, it is pretty much set in stone.) I was looking forward to it and was so excited, and Saturday morning while I was out shopping, I sent her a text message asking if I could bring over a bottle of wine or something. Three minutes later, she called me and goes "M, the party was last night." I felt sooo bad.

Friday night, after work, my mom discovered that the bar we go to for happy hour was having $5 Cosmos, so happy hour got moved to Friday instead of today. After that, we went shopping at Saks and my mom put her fur coat in storage. (NOTE: if you are anti-fur, I don't want to hear it. I don't like fur either, but 1) my mom works hard and this is what makes her happy, 2) no matter what you do or say, it will not bring the poor mink back to life, 3) my mom was not the one who killed it, even if she hadn't bought the coat, it would still be dead, so whatever you're thinking, just can it. We've heard it all.) Saturday morning, I woke up early to bake cookies for TLS and mail them to him. (Because sending a package to an APO address requires a customs form, I can only mail him things on Saturdays.) While I was out shopping for flour, I discovered that I accidentally bailed on my BFF. :( Fortunately, we've been best friends since 1998, and she knows that I never miss parties and was not upset with me. I baked a ton of cookies and also sent him a present. Since TLS stalks this blog on a daily basis (hey there!), I will not post what I got him, email me if you would like to know, but let's just say that there will be quite a few jealous boys at the base on Wednesday/Thursday when the package arrives. While I was at the PO, I got to pick up two packages as well. First of all, thank you to the amazing Angela who sent me this pink and green whales frame:

Two years ago, for my 24th birthday, GNB and I went to Boston for the weekend to go whale-watching so I'm going to print out one of those pictures and put it in the frame! (Why yes, I did wear my whale flip flops to go whale watching. Obviously. I'm just that cool.) Thank you so much girl.

Second, after ~miller ribbons~ hosted a giveaway on my blog, I decided I wanted to order a second keyfob from them. Well, not only were these folks kind enough to host the giveaway and give keyfobs to 5 winners, but they also sent me a whale keyfob.
You can't see from the pictures, but the inside of the whales keyfob has pink and white polka dots, and the inside of the MRM keyfob has red and white stripes. Recognize my favorite color combination?

After running errands and going to the PO, I worked out a bit, went for a walk since it was so beautiful out, and went to a program at the synagogue near my house. I didn't stay for very long because I hate that synagogue but I was put in a position where I pretty much couldn't say no.

Sunday, GNB and I went shopping since we didn't get to hang out on Friday night. Lately, I've been having an "off" time shopping. It seems that everything I try on is either too big, too small, or not right. All I bought the entire day was three unsweetened Passion Iced Teas from Starbucks. Thank you Miss Type-A for getting me addicted to them. GNB did not have my bad luck shopping and got a new purse, wallet, and two pairs of shoes. Lucky girl. We were going to go for lunch/dinner, and were walking around and saw that the cafe that this family that my family knows had expanded and just opened a new location. The owner recognized me and started talking to us to catch up and ended up giving us free dinner which was amazing. GNB had a burrito and I had a Mexican Tuna Salad, so yummy. J and I spent the entire day flirting again, shocking, and have a date planned for this coming Sunday. After that he's starting finals for law school, when he's done with that, I leave for Chicago, and right after I get back, he leaves to go to DC for the summer, so this may be my last time seeing him for at least a while. He asked me to come visit him for a weekend in DC, but I don't know how I feel about that yet. For some ungodly reason, I thought it would be a good idea to work out yesterday morning, then walk several miles while shopping, and then work out again in the evening. It seemed like a good idea at the time, except that now there isn't a single part of my body that doesn't hate me. I think it may be time to head to Bliss for a massage.


  1. that stinks about the party! there are days where that happens! love the new key fobs!
    sounds like the rest of the weekend was fun and you got goodies shopping! happy monday.
    (im slacking on comments :/)

  2. I love that picture frame! I need to ask Angela where it is from

  3. sounds like a good weekend all in all. I am in shock you of all people missed a party. And, I'm glad you're braving the PO to send to an APO again. Even if it isn't to me. Oh, did I tell you I only have 34 days left in Germany??? :)

  4. I love a cosmo and a $5 at that!

  5. I am not-so-good w/ dates or remembering things - I think I've missed a bazillion (not exaggerated number - I counted them twice) parties/housewarmings/baby showers/birthdays/confirmations/graduations because I just assume I'll remember. 26 years of not remembering has not even brought me closer to a day planner. Oh well. :)

  6. Oh I'm sorry you missed the party!! That stinks...but it sounds like you had fun with momma! I'm so glad you like your picture frame - you were the first person that came to mind when I saw it!

  7. Me too on the shopping. It's like nothing fits this season. For me, it's too tight in the hips in order to fit my upper body or too loose in the bust if trying to fit my lower half. Geez!!!!

  8. Loving your new goodies. Mexican Tuna Salad? That sounds so yummy.