Friday, April 17, 2009

thank you to two bloggers

So I have finally figured out what was wrong with my camera and got to take pictures of the adorableness that is my pink and blue whale bar. Oh, you were hoping to actually see pictures? Yea, well sorry about that. I took the pictures, charged, the camera, did everything right. Except for that whole forgetting to take my camera with me bit. Sorry about that. But seriously folks, considering I am the walking embodiment of Murphy's Law, did you really expect anything else from me? I got home last night to come home to a full mailbox. One of the things that I hate the most about living alone is the fact that all the mail I ever get is either 1) bills, or 2) adressed to "resident at..." Last night was different. Here are the contents of my mailbox- 1) movie I ordered on Netflix (penguin mating is so darn cute- even in 60+ degree weather), 2) Bloomingdale's catalog, 3) pizza flyer addressed to "resident at....", 4) Songs You Know by Heart- Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hits (Fins Up!!!!!!!), 5) the giveaway I won from Dollface, and 6) the giveaway I won from Lilly P Wannabe. I got all excited and immediately put Buffett on repeat (I woke up this morning with Fins still playing in my head) and ripped open the packages to photograph and play with my goodies. Again folks, this was supposed to be a picture-full post, but Murphy just didn't feel like it. From Dollface I got a pair of Hanky Panky panties (my most favorite underwear ever!), Hershey Kisses, a strawberry lip balm, a really pretty necklace, and a red string bracelet with Star of David and Chamsa charms on it and two things against the evil eye. The charms have Tiffany blue rhinestones on them, my favorite color. I think I was pretty much meant to win this giveaway. It was fated. From Lilly P Wannabe I won a My Pair Tree flip flop holder. I saw her post about this and I was intrigued but I did not fully grasp the ingeniousness of this creation until it arrived in the mail last night. I have at least 30-40 pairs of flip flops. At least. That's a lot of closet space. I hung it up, put 6 pairs of flip flops on it, and suddenly I had an extra shelf in my closet to devote to more shoes! My first thought was "how did I ever live without this thing?" If you have several pairs of flip flops, you NEED not want this. Believe me when I say I will be ordering several more of these babies. Thank you ladies!


  1. Awww... Im glad you enjoyed the package!! Hope it made your day a bit better... xxxoo

  2. I love packages. Only getting bills and junk mail gets old too soon.