Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freecycle #2

Thank you to everyone who participated in the last freecycle and has contacted me to let me know that you have items for an upcoming week. I will have a lot of items to list since the vast majority of my closet does not actually fit me. Here are the items for this week's freecycle.

1) From yours truly, I have a gorgeous 100% silk Ann Taylor sleeveless dress, size 10p. It is a beige color with burgundy circles on it, and ties in the back. It is great to wear to work in the summer. item is no longer available
2) Also from me, I have a size M black and white print dress from NY & Co. It has three-quarter sleeves, a faux tie/ruching on the sides, and a double V neck. I don't like this dress very much and only wore it once. I just bought it in an emergency when I had nothing to wear to a Seder and had like 2.5 minutes to find something. item is no longer available

If you would like either one of my dresses, please email me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com. I would prefer it if you paid for shipping.

3) From Pink Cupcake, we have a pair of Steve Madden Studden Heels, size 10.

If you are interested in them, please email her at clarapinkcupcake {@} gmail {.} com. Please pay for the shipping if you take them.

4) From not a blogger, but someone who follows me on google reader and whom I've known IRL for years, my friend Chani has a light blue and white polka dotted American Eagle button down shirt, size 10. It is very cute and perfect for summer and has not seem the light of day, and has not really been worn. Chani says it is most likely a size medium. item is no longer available

If you want this shirt, please email her at justchani {@} hotmail {.} com with MRM Freecycle as the subject line. Please also pay for shipping if you take it.

That's all for this week, folks. If you see something you like, please contact the person who has listed the item. Once your item has been claimed, please email me to let me know so that I can edit this post to say so.


  1. okkkk. now i get it. if i want something, i let you know and then i add things that i don't want! i just posted about dig and swap. have you heard of it?

  2. ooooo very cute stuff... not my size, but adorable! xxoo