Thursday, April 2, 2009

favorite things

It's time for my weekly favorite things post. Since I am still window shopping for my perfect spring wardrobe and super-excited about the fact that I will have whale pint glasses thanks to my beloved Vineyard Vines, this post will be dedicated to things I want off the Vineyard Vines website.

The first item is this Kimberely Keyhole Top ($59.50). I love the fun keyhole accent and it is conservative yet dressy enough to go from work to an after-work date, should J decide that he wants to keep up this business of flirting with me. I won't mind.

This would look great with slacks or a skirt for work or dark jeans and Jack Rogers for play.

Since I live near the beach, I love the lightness and fun print of this Pineapple Smoothie Samantha Skirt ($85).

Printed Seersucker Classic Shorts ($69.50)

So cute and in my favorite color, too. The lobsters are such a fun idea. Being a Jew, I can't eat any shellfish, but I can certainly think it's cute. (This justification was given to me by a Jewish friend's mother who collects pigs.)

Another fun top that would be great for work and then after work drinks or a date is this Rowayton Ruffle Shirt ($89.50)

I really, really want this shirt, but unfortunately, I am rather endowed and think that this shirt would not work well with my chest. (To quote Jill from Real Housewives' Season 1- when you're born with them, you want to hide them, when you buy them, you want to show them off.)

Keeping up with the theme of shirts that MRM wants but that won't work with her chest, is this lovely Shiretown shirt ($49.50).

I really love the bright color of this one and it's a great price and so I'm going to just brave it, order it, and hope that it isn't very low-cut, or that it can be worn with a camisole underneath and still look cute. Fingers crossed ladies!

The bangle that I got at A. Tierney earlier this year proved to me that my small wrists actually can pull off a bangle, so of course, now I'm looking for more. I absolutely love this Patchwork Puzzle Whale Bangle ($85).

Proof that I really will buy just about anything with that little whale on it- The Pinwhale Classic Headband ($30).

This is going to be great for covering my roots in the months that I can't get my hair done. (I have naturally very curly, very Jewish, hair that I like to describe as looking like a black sheep that's been left out in the rain for too long. Dead sexy. I get it Japanese straightened, but there is always that lovely period when your roots grow in but are still too short to be straightened.)

Perfect for brunch or even a summer evening, depending on how it's accessorized, the Eyelet Margo Dress ($195).

For anyone who is looking for a white dress, this also comes in white.

A cute, casual outfit:
The Strolin Stripe Turtleback Tank ($49.50)

paired with the Wharf Skirt ($59.50)

This item isn't actually available for sale on the website, but I just had to include it because I think it's fun and have a passionate love of taking pictures in funny hats.

The pink whale hat. It is given out for photo ops at events and I will now have to stalk the pink whale to get myself one. I can do it folks. I am that determined.

And finally, saving the best for last, what prompted my obsession with this company as well as the title for this blog: my beloved Whale Flip Flops ($39.50). ::drool::


  1. I love the ruffle blouse and eyelet dress. Good luck on your quest for a pink foam whale hat!

  2. Oh my gosh I love it all! Especially the shorts and dresses!

  3. love those bright pink shorts with the belt and blue collard shirt. too cute!

  4. all very cute items! i want those shorts for sure!

  5. Oh, this is so not fair Miss MRM, there are too many lovely, wonderful things! Our faves might be the bracelet and the hair band, not to mention the stylish hat!

  6. Such great finds!! I love the bangle and the flip flops the most - too cute!!

  7. I love the navy eyelet dress!!

  8. Oh my gosh I love that bangle! I do not own any because of exactly what you said- I wasn't sure I could pull one off...but perhaps I will buy one!

  9. Oh i just adore those shorts! And the bangle

  10. LOVE those picks! Esp the ruffled blouse and seersucker shorts.

  11. I love the headband... my most favorite hat is a white with pink whale vv one!! Funny enough my dad gave it to me.. thought it was a bit gay he was wearing it, hahah xoxox

  12. I love the whole list. I am also a fan of the halter dress style in the pineapple smoothie color

  13. I love the ruffle shirt, flip flops, and shorts. Too cute!

  14. I love your finds! You've got great style. My faves are the Pineapple Smoothie Samantha Skirt, the seersucker shorts and the bangle from A.Tierney.

  15. I love the Eyelet Margo Dress! I think I have to get the seersucker shorts for my cruise.

    I have a whalehead. It came with a jacket I ordered. They didn't have the size I wanted in the store so I guess the whalehead was an added bonus :)

  16. i'll take one of each.

    seriously though, blogging has really hurt our savings account (i'm kind of kidding!)........i see all of this awesome stuff every single day and it's so hard to say "no"!

    great finds!

  17. ps-

    i just tagged you on my blog! seriously though, no pressure to participate....only if you want to!

    hope you've had a nice weekend!

  18. I love that flowy skirt and ruffly shirt. They are on my want list too!