Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ball and Buck promotion

You can never have too many tshirts, right? Right! Enter Ball and Buck. They make custom tees with fabric pockets that you can design. And they have Lilly fabric!
These shirts are great for running errands, just lounging around, or hanging out with friends. I'm planning on getting a few before my trip to Chicago, and now you, dear readers can get in on the fun as well. For a 20% discount, enter code WHALEFLIPFLOPS ED in the comments section of the paypal checkout. This code is good until April 22nd at midnight, so have fun designing and shopping and be sure to post pictures of your finished products!


  1. nice pic, a ball and buck tee is worth going out in the snow with lil' short-shorts...heehee

  2. Your trip to Chicago is not coming soon enough! I'm here through May... do I get to see you?