Tuesday, March 3, 2009

positive and negative

Being the token sorority girl that I am, I am very well aware of the "two positives and a negative" game that every sorority chapter out there uses as an ice breaker during recruitment. The rules of the game are in the title. You say two positives about your day and a negative. Instead of giving a long play by play of my long weekend, I will just do a listing of positives and negatives. So here goes.

- Our server was down at work and a lot of people lost their files. I lost the presentation that I had to give at my sorority's conference this past weekend. Because it's a personal file and not a business file, our IT team said it was last priority and that they would not be able to recover it until after the conference. This meant that I had to rewrite it on Friday at midnight. Under the influence. Ironically enough, my presentation was about standards boards.
+ I was off work on Friday and got to sleep in.
+ I got an award at the conference. It is basically a "Volunteer of the Year" type award. Yay me.
- The girls in the chapter that I advise were being total I don't want to say whats since I'm not a fan of profanity, but y'all can guess. One of them came up to a district volunteer who's in charge of advisor placement and made it very clear that she doesn't like me or want me around. She said "we don't see why MRM needs to come to our meetings, why is it necessary?" The woman's response was "because we didn't want to have to close your chapter." That shut her up. Did I mention I heart advising?
+ A girl in another chapter that I've helped out a lot got me a keychain with our letters on it to say thank you for all of my help. After my girls were being so rude to me, it was so nice and necessary. She could have gotten me a post it with the words "thank you" written on it in permanent marker, and I would have been just as happy.
+ I got Season one of Lipstick Jungle on Sunday and watched it all.
- Target and Barnes and Noble were both completely sold out of Taylor Swift's Fearless cd.
-/+ There was a massive snowstorm in NY and half the city shut down. My place of employment was in that other half that remained open. Half an hour after I was supposed to be at work, I was still more than halfway away from my job so I called out. I turned around at the next subway stop and went home. I got home at 11:50am from not actually making it to work.
+ I got to spend the whole day on my couch watching Gilmore Girls and Phantom of the Opera and eating Oreos. (Snow days were not meant for dieting.)
+ New boy called me and we spent 7 hours (!!!!!) on the phone. I know need to upgrade my calling plan with Verizon. This is the only month that I have ever gotten anywhere near my alloted minutes, let alone used them all.
+ Boy is stationed in England. I am borderline obsessed with Curly Wurly bars. He got me a ton of those and two "green" shopping bags from Tesco that have ladybugs on them. (Ladybugs are my sorority's mascot and I adore them and anything that is polkadotted and he knows that.)
- When I moved, I registered for a gorgeous set of wine glasses that I really wanted. My best friend got it for me for my housewarming. Yesterday, I was cleaning and accidentally knocked one off the counter and broke it and was upset for a few hours. I realize it is not the end of the world, but I really love that set, and every glass in that set is different and the only way for me to replace it would be to buy an entire set of four.


  1. Fun game! I hate it when I break anything - most of all my glassware!

  2. Aw- I hear you on the advisor stuff!! Every other semester I have a trouble maker threaten to "report" me to our IHQ. To which I reply, do what you feel is best. I might not be amazing but I do my job to the best of my abilities. They also always think I am paid to be an advisor. I'm like no no, I volunteer to be treated this way ladies! Just keep your chin up and stare at that cute key chain! My girls never give me presents or even thank me for that matter so I am totally jealous. Good for you for making a difference!

  3. Ah the fun of advising......I'm having meetings with all my officers and their favorite phrase is "we've never done it that way so we won't change now". Or "We've been a chapter for 70 years so we don't have to change". Um...read up on any message message board ladies, if you don't change you will either die off or do something stupid and get yourself closed down. And don't even get me started on standards these days. The most commonly heard phrase there "Do we really have to punish someone"? Um, yes.

  4. we did highs and lows with my sorority, but same concept... maybe i will have to do a post like this! thanks for the idea!