Friday, March 6, 2009

I don't care what you say any more this is my life

So an update on what's been going on so far in my life. This was supposed to be my big skiing weekend with J. I say supposed to because, well, miscommunication happens and we got our wires crossed and he thought that we were going next weekend. He has a big test or something for law school this weekend and can't go and I'm not quite self-centered enough to make him go, so we are going next weekend. This means that Saturday night I get to go to a party that I originally had to RSVP no to, so that worked out for the best. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments of support. I had an argument that really upset me with a close guy friend yesterday. It's always much harder to break up with a friend than to break up with a boyfriend so I was really upset. After we both had the chance to cool off and calm down a bit, we were able to talk it over rationally and have worked things out for which I am very grateful. Regarding my friend who's moving in with her boyfriend: I tried telling her that I think she's making a mistake, but she won't listen to me. I'm really concerned about her, but there is only so much that I can do except hope for the best and be there for her if he breaks her heart. Last night I went out for drinks with one of my sisters at Stir and got to see her engagement ring. It is absolutely gorgeous and is so shiny that I told her if she was ever lost in the forest, she could use her ring to start a fire to send smoke signals. For all of my NYC ladies, if you have not been to Stir, I highly recommend you go. They have a lot of booths and really delicious drinks. The place is never crowded during happy hour which is great because you can always find seating and can talk with your friends without hearing 20 other conversations going on. Tonight, I am going to dinner with a college friend whom I have not seen since the summer. We're going to Gyu-Kaku. It's a Japanese BBQ place that I haven't heard of before, but a lot of my friends who've been theer have had only positive things to say about it, so I'm very excited!


  1. Ooh let me know what you think of Gyu Kaku! We keep meaning to go to the one by my apt here in Cali, but it's always forgotten about! I want to try it though so I have to know what you think!! Have fun tonight :)

  2. Are you coming to this on Tues night? I want to meet you!

  3. I'm sad to hear about you and your friend. I'm glad you did work it out because you're right, ending it with a friend is worse than ending it with a significant other. I just went through this myself so I feel your pain.