Friday, March 27, 2009

favorite things

Well ladies, it is time for my weekly favorite things post. In honor of my two keyfob giveaways this week, I will dedicate this week's post to various keyfobs and keychains.

I will start this off with a keychain that is very near and dear to my heart.

YES! That is a whale flip flop keychain from the company that makes my beloved whale flip flops! I nearly squealed when I saw that (ok, I did squeal, a little) and have to say that I absolutely NEED this and it will be mine. ($45 at Vineyard Vines)

Another great one from them is this Bloody Mary Fabric Printed Keyfob for $15.

Alcoholic beverages not your thing? How about an adorable laydbug key fob from New York's own A. Tierney ($10)? It does come in other motifs as well, but I am slightly ladybug-crazy so this is the one that makes me go "aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww."

Here is a cute and preppy one from Whitney Caroline Designs ($5)

If you are looking for an Easter gift for a lucky girl, I'm partial to this Bunny keyring from Coach ($38). As a side note, does anyone else really dislike Coach's new site layout?

I think that the cotton tail on the bunny's, um, tuchus as my Nana would say, is so cute and fun but I would probably get it dirty in, oh, 2.5 seconds.

I love the colors and simple elegance of this double flower keyfob from Kate Spade ($55).

Another fun summer one from Kate Spade is this boat steering wheel keyfob ($281).

I included it for two reasons, one because it is cute, and two, because can we just talk about the fact that it is actually $281?! Yes, that price is in U.S. Dollars...

In the market for something that you can actually afford? Shocking, I know. I love this Watch Hill Riff Tide ($22.50) from Kiel James Patrick. That Tiffany blue-esque background is seriously my favorite color.

A really cute one that I am in love with and am seriously debating is this Crab one Miss Priss ($16). My zodiac sign is Cancer the Crab, and while I never really paid attention to the zodiac at all, I have always found crabs to be adorable and have held a certain fondness for them.

Another fun crab one is this Crabs and Beer Bottles from Tucker Blair.

The idea of the alcoholic crabs just makes me smile. If you want to try to win a keyfob, you can enter here.

Since ~miller ribbons~ custom makes all of their key fobs, I do not have a picture of the one I want, but I have already decided that I will be ordering one that has a Tiffany Blue ribbon with white polka dots on it and my initials on it in red. I am also giving away 5 of these on my blog.

Finally, my last two keyrings on this week's post come from the one, the only, Tiffany.

First is this sterling silver palm tree key ring ($130)

and second is this Elsa Peretti initial keyring ($145)

I cannot ever justify spending that much money on a keychain, but looking is fun!


  1. Those are all so cute! I especially love the pink and green palm tree one!

    When my sister got her license, I got her a keychain from Lacoste that had about 6 mini-polos on it. Keychains are so much fun!

  2. Love them! My favorite keychain is a golden anchor keychain my big sis gave me in college!

  3. Love the KS wheel one - but, for that price - it had better come with the ENTIRE boat!


  4. I want them all! That Kate Spade nautical one is a bit out of my budget-hoping it will go on sale!

  5. These are some great finds! My 3 favorite are the Kate Spade boat sterring wheel, the KJP shell one and the pink and green crab one. I am a cancer too!

  6. Love the Kate Spade ones! Too cute.

  7. i adore the ladybug fob. it is the perfect phi mu gift. very precious!

  8. Awww I love the bunny one! My current key chain is a fish from Coach, named fluffy.

    When my neighbor turned 16, her parents got her the Tiffany "A" key chain. Lucky girl!

  9. oh i just love some of those! especially that first vv flipflop keychain - too cute!!