Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Things

As usual, it is Friday afternoon, which means it is time for my weekly Favorite Things post. Sadly I could not get tickets to the Martha Stewart Lilly Pulitzer show. I am also unable to attend Kappa Prep's NYC meetup as I have plans that cannot be altered. However, since I know a lot of bloggers out there are going for Wednesday's show, I will be devoting this week's Favorite Things to the queen of pink and green, Lilly Pulitzer.

This year, I am all about the tunic, and Lilly has given me quite a few lovely pieces to crave. First up the the Agyness tunic ($98). I love its casualness and it just looks so comfortable.

Next up is one of my favorite pieces, the Amarah top ($88). I am actually currently wearing this top in Sunset Orange as I write this, and I love it so much that I may have to buy the pink and white ones as well.

It is a little thicker than most tops, so it is the perfect spring piece for that transitional period, where it's getting warmer but still a little too cold to wear most of the clothes that you really want, and will be great for summer evenings. It is also really versatile and can be dressed up or down. Did I mention that I love this top?

Next up is the Bay Tunic ($198). This is a great piece and would be really fun to wear when going out for drinks with friends, or on a date. (Not that I actually date.) I think it would look great with dark jeans and some metallic flats.

Another truly great top and good date top, if you are lucky enough, is the Cedar Printed Tank, $198.

I love everything about this top, the fabric, the color, the print. It is fun and so classy. Would look great on its own in the summer or under a fun jacket for spring.

For the slightly colder weather, I am loving this Kathy Boatneck Sweater Motif ($248).

I love both colors and cannot decide which one I'd rather have it in.

Now what is a Lilly post without dresses? Here are my top favorites:
I am in love with the simplicity and style of the Andover dress ($198).

I love this Lee Shift ($298). I cannot resist the collar or the bright colors.

And I just love the playful pattern and simplicity of the Brycer Dress ($198).

One thing that I love is a good wrap dress. I have several from Diane Von Furstenberg and there really is nothing more flattering. I tried the Downie Knit Dress ($278) on in Bloomingdale's and fell in love but decided to restrain myself until another time since I would not have been able to wear it for quite some time.

You can be sure that this baby will be one of the first things I get for myself for spring. From far away, it looks like it is polka dotted, but it is actually navy with tiny white lemons. It is incredibly comfortable and flattering and the picture does not do it justice.

I have mentioned before on here that two of my favorite things are the color Tiffany blue and coral. Also, this may sound weird, but I absolutely cannot stand the Little Black Dress and refuse to own one, which means that I am almost always looking for a nice, classy, nonblack cocktail/evening dress. When I saw this dress, Brayden, $398, I thought that Lilly had personally designed it for me.

Sadly, it was designed for women with smaller chests than mine so it was not meant to be. If any of you ladies out there buys it, please take amazing care of it and enjoy it so I can live vicariously through you.

Since not everyone can afford to spend $200 on a dress in this economy, how about some fun and affordable Lilly? This Limited Edition Jubilee Silk Scarf is absolutely gorgeous and only $50.

I am not a big scarf person, but I do love the look of a scarf tied around the handle of tote, and think that this would look great tied around a tan leather tote (which I will buy as soon as I find the perfect one). My mother has a slight obsession with silk scarves, and in the past I have contributed some lovely Frragamos to her collection. I'm thinking Mothers' Day may be a perfect time to add some Lilly to that.


  1. Love the brayden dress!

    getting your mother that scarf is a great idea- what a fun print to add to her collection!

  2. I SO wish you could attend the event on Tuesday evening, tear, tear, tear! I love all your picks, but the scarf spoke to me. I actually have it tied around the handle of my pink KS today!

  3. We are so the same when it comes to the scarf around the handle of the bag! I can never do them properly around my neck, or casually draped any which way!