Tuesday, February 17, 2009

weekend update

I had a good but pretty uneventful weekend. I started out by going to two of the cupcake places on my list and rating them. On my way, I took the train down with a coworker who emailed me yet another place to add to my list. After that, I worked out a lot. Just because I plan on eating 20 cupcakes this week, it does not mean that I have any desire to look like I've actually eaten 20 cupcakes. The good news is, I've lost more weight. The bad news is pants sliding down- not that great a look at work. Like I needed another excuse to go shopping. Saturday I went to my mom's house and watched several continuous hours of GAC and CMT. Yes folks, I love country music that much. Saturday night I babysat my rabbi's kids. He put them to bed before I got there and they didn't wake up the entire time. Easiest job ever. As I mentioned before, February 15th is the anniversary of my open heart surgery, so every year around Valentine's Day, my mom does something nice and cutesy for me. Since this is my first year living on my own, she decided to take me grocery shopping and buy me stuff that I normally wouldn't buy myself. I also found out that yet another one of my friends from high school got engaged. We had plans to meet up this weekend even before the engagement, but now it's going to be really fun because we have something to celebrate and I get to see her pretty new ring. Monday I decided to hit up Target for 50% Valentine's stuff. I had incredible self-control and did not actually buy any Valentine's chocolate, but got more baking stuff at half off- icing sugars and a spatula. I was doing so well until I got to the checkout line and saw that they had Orange Creme Hershey Kisses. Those things are heavenly and taste just like a creamsicle. I was supposed to go to Long Island for a meeting with the sorority chapter that I advise, but thanks to the MTA, my train stalled and I missed the train to Long Island by one minute. The next train would've put me there 50 minutes after the meeting had started so I couldn't go.


  1. I love Target and their after season sales!! I'm gonna have to go check it out and see if anything good is left!

  2. Now, I really want to go to Target... and to have a cupcake! So much for the diet and saving money thing...

  3. I hit up Target on Sunday. I just couldn't resist!