Wednesday, February 25, 2009

need boy/skiing/fashion advice

(I apologize in advance that this will be a long post.) I usually post boy-related matters over at The More Boys I Meet, but since this blog gets a lot more visitors and I need the advice, I'm posting it here.

So you may be wondering what the three things have to do with each other and here's what. In December I met J at a post-wedding celebration for my friend and her new husband. We hit it off right away and started facebooking daily. We ended up going to the Rascal Flatts concert together and had a blast. We've been facebook flirting like crazy. Basically, this is the summary of my facebook wall:

post from J
MRM wrote on J's wall
J posted a picture on MRM's wall
MRM wrote on J's wall
J wrote a comment that can be interpreted in a sexual nature on MRM's wall
MRM wrote an innocent comment ending in a winking face which thereby made it dirty on J's wall
you get the idea.

Let's just say that since we've met, his level of productivity in law school and mine at work have plummeted. My friends have started noticing and saying "so who is this J boy?" to me.

About two weeks ago, I was having dinner with my friend L. (I met J through her and her husband.) I casually mentioned going out with J to the concert (in the context of- "oh J and I went to dinner there before the concert and I really didn't like the food") and she said that her husband had made a comment jokingly about being flustered by the level of flirting that was going on between us on facebook. My response was "oh I'm sorry, does it bother your husband that I'm flirting with J? Because I could really up the ante." Hers was "please do." Since then, we've been flirting much more heavily, in all fairness, he upped the ante not me.

In case you can't tell from this, J is superflirty. One day when we were back and forth flirting, he made a comment about me going upstate with him for a night to go skiing. Thinking he was kidding and just being funny, I replied in the affirmative. About a week later, one day when he called me (we talked for about 2 hours!) he made a comment along the lines of "oh bring the ZO2 cd with you for the drive when we go skiing" and I was like "oh hmm, he wasn't kidding" (that part didn't get said out loud). I told him that I am basically Charlie Brown epitomized- I can do anything as long as it involves no skill or talent whatsoever, and of course, this only made him want to go more so he can mock me. We will be going skiing next weekend, Lord help me.

I asked him where we would be staying and he said that his family has a condo up there and his dad lives there and we can stay there. No mention of how many bedrooms the condo has. We have plans to hang out a couple of times after the skiing weekend, but I don't know. Usually guys are so paranoid about introducing girls to the family, and J is doing it so freely after we've only gone out once, that I'm tempted to think that it's more of a "hey dad, this is MRM, she's basically one of the guys" kind of thing.

So my questions for you ladies are:
1) Does he like me? (keep in mind that I am the poster child for "He's Just Not That Into You")
2) The last (and only) time that I was ever on a pair of skis, I was five years old and still living in the Soviet Union. Is there anything that I should know about skiing?
3) What do I pack/wear on this trip? My idea of bonding with nature is having a picnic in Central Park, so I don't exactly have a lot of outdoorsy sporty clothes. Being that I am someone who gets cold in anything less than 73 degrees, I also don't have a plethora of winter activity garb. I know I need chapstick, SPF for my face and sunglasses, all of which I have, the rest I don't even know where to begin. What are some things that I absolutely have to have and should bring with me? Being that I'm not exactly Picabo Street, I have no plans to make skiing with boys a regular part of my life, so please don't suggest that I buy a grand worth of ski garb that I will only wear once.

Any other comments/suggestions?


  1. re: skiing clothes: layer everything. seriously, it's COLD. don't worry, everyone else will look like pillows too lol. then again, freezing = good excuse to go get hot chocolate and not freeze your ass off falling down slopes (at least, thats what i do). also, gloves/hat/ sunglasses.

    the boy- we talked about it :)

  2. unfortunately i don't have any good advice for you .. only been skiing once, LONG time ago & i'm w/you on the he's just not that into you deal .. i just wanted to say good luck & let us know how things go ..

  3. Skiing: wear lots of layers, waterproof gloves, buy some handwarmers too, and wear under armor..

    I'm not sure about the boy..why are they so hard to read?!

  4. 1) Does he like you? Well, obviously he does atleast a little bit. I doubt it's just a "she's one of the guys" situation, because he would've said "Yeah we're going to chill with a bunch of people when we're there." but it seems like its going to be just the two of you. And from my experience guys don't invite girls away for the weekend if they're just kind of lukewarm about her...
    2) Be sure you let him know, BEFORE you set foot on the snow, that you haven't been skiing since you were five, and make sure he knows that you'd really prefer not to fall off the side of a mountain. Maybe even ask him for a "basics of skiing" refresher before ya'll start skiing for the day.
    3) Clothes- do you have a waterproof jacket (Northface, Marmont, Patagonia, Mountain Hardware)? Waterproof is key, since snow is wet and if you fall, you'll feel soggy and gross for the rest of the day. Some places you can rent ski pants (which is kind of gross if you ask me.) Ask him if perhaps his Mom or sister, or someone has a pair of pants that might fit you. GLOVES! cold hands are the worst. Ditto for Wool socks. You might want to invest in some long underwear (Patagonia Capeline is my favorite, its thin and lightweight but keeps you super warm). Um, you also might want to get a fleece shirt of some sort (I adore my Patagonia Synchilla, and North Face shirts).

  5. best of luck ... you'll know if its right once you spend more face to face time with him. i will say this (which mirrors HJNTITY): he will call you and make the effort if he likes you. i learned this lesson with my current boyfriend. he called and kept wanting to make plans ...and called just to say hi ... i had never had that happen before! and 3 years later ... here we are!

  6. best of luck ... you'll know if its right once you spend more face to face time with him. i will say this (which mirrors HJNTITY): he will call you and make the effort if he likes you. i learned this lesson with my current boyfriend. he called and kept wanting to make plans ...and called just to say hi ... i had never had that happen before! and 3 years later ... here we are!

  7. oh girl.....

    1. cuddleskins. you can find them at target or a sporting goods store. layers layers layers. from a native texan now living in the midwest, this has been my existence for the last 6 months and layers are the key. wool socks also do wonders.

    2. i suck at skiing. bunny slopes is where i rule.....but have a good time, laugh when you fall and don't be afraid to say you're going to sit out the run if you get tired.

    3. he sounds like he's all in. if you're worried about "sleeping arrangements" ask him if you need to bring a pillow, sleeping bag..kind of feel them out. sometimes guys can be so oblivious. but whatever happens, go for it. take a chance. i met my husband in a bar, i saw him across the room, thought he was cute and went and talked to him! and i'm totally not "that girl"...i was just sick of losers and wanted to try someone good for once!!

    so have a great weekend and i can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  8. My favorite is North Face. It is slimming and warm. You'll look beautiful in front of the fire. you go girl! xoxo

  9. I'm the true poster child for "He's just not that in to you" so I offer no advice but GOOD LUCK! And have tons of fun!