Wednesday, February 25, 2009

for all my Lilly Lovers

Bloomingdale's finally started carrying the Lilly perfume in store so I got a bottle of Wink this weekend. In case anyone wants to buy the Lilly perfume, I wanted to let you know that Bloomingdale's is doing a Lilly Gift With Purchase. I'm not sure if there is a minimum purchase, but I bought a small bottle ($48) and I got it. You get a small pink plastic see-through tote. Inside it are samples of all three perfumes, and an adorable Lilly notepad with pencil. If you are like me and are always buying notepads, I highly recommend this.

Also, I received an email from Beth Dunn, author of Social Climbers. On Monday, March 16th, from 5-8pm she will be at the Lilly Pulitzer in the King of Prussia Plaza for the unveiling of the Lilly Jubilee Travelling Retrospective. The first 10 people who make a purchase will get a signed copy of her book. Sadly, I can't make it since I live too far away, but if anyone is in the area, it sounds like a lot of fun, considering there will be cocktails and prizes and I am not one to ever turn down a cocktail.

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