Thursday, February 19, 2009

Engagement Gift Advice

One of my good friends from high school and one of my sorority sisters both got engaged this week. I am meeting up for drinks with both of them to celebrate. I need to find a nice gift to get each of them. My standard engagement gift is a set of monogrammed wine stoppers from Red Envelope.

I can't do that for either of them because M already has a set, and S and her fiance are not really wine people. Can someone recomment me a good engagement gift that's not too pricey?


  1. I always give something with what their new monogram initial would be.. for a friend of mine who just got engaged, I of course picked up a card and a monogrammed koozie. Just something simple that was easy to mail.

  2. I always do like a monogrammed coasters or monogrammed picture frame.

  3. maybe a wine decanter with their monogram? riedel is always nice, but im sure there are cheaper options

  4. haha whoops, just reread your post and that you said that they're NOT wine people.
    what about monogrammed towels -- restoration hardware has great ones! or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant? Or a photo album that has their names on it (or monogram) so they can put photos from their engagement party, wedding, or events leading up to the wedding?
    do they have a registry? you could always pick something off that

  5. My staple is the silver picture frame by Kate Spade. Xoxo-BLC

  6. I do something Tiffany - typically, a vase or small crytal bowl. Timeless, and, as much as I love monograms, they can be a challenge if you're not sure if the lady will be changing her name, so with something that, the worry is eliminated.

  7. Have you checked out the Mud Pie line? They have an adorable cheese board with an initial on it. And they're things are SO affordable! Here is a link to the cutting board:

    Hope you find what you are looking for :)

  8. it's not a super "nice" gift, but i always give a magazine subscription to martha stewart weddings and/or modern bride. i also include some of those post-it tabs that she can use to mark the pages.

    another great idea to get them a book or something on marriage. i don't know if they're going to take pre-marital education or anything, but i think it's fun to support them as future-married couple, not just as future-roommates and/or wedding-planners.
    some ideas:
    fighting for your marriage by scott stanley
    love and respect by emerson eggerichs
    sacred marriage by gary thomas
    5 love languages by gary chapman