Thursday, February 5, 2009

the attention deficit workout

I am one of those women who wishes she could just will herself to be thin and suddenly lose weight. I have been on several diets successfully, but those were all short term, because let's face it- complex carbohydrates are your friend and any diet that tells me that eating cupcakes and cheese fries is bad for you, is the enemy.

One of my obsessions, among the many that I have, is tv on dvd. I buy whole series and just sit there watching them over and over again. A while ago, I saw this excercise kit at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (another one of my big obsessions) and just had to buy it.

Being that I'm basically a big five-year-old, you can see what I would find appealing about a really big, silver, bouncy ball. (That's right folks, I actually tried bouncing the ball to see if it could bounce. It can. Don't worry, no one lives underneath me.) Sitting on the ball is supposed to engage your core and engage more muscles than if you were just doing it on the floor or a bench. Lately, I've been leaving it inflated and sitting on it and watching my tv on dvd. I keep a set of weights nearby and do a couple of reps, take a break watch some tv, do some more reps, take a break watch some tv, etc. I find this works well for me because I still get the excercise, but it lets me do them without making myself hate the world or feel like I'm going to die. It works really great with my tv on dvd, because I've seen every episode multiple times and work out when there's a scene I really don't care to watch again and then take a break and watch the show when there's a scene I really want to see. I did not expect to lose a lot of weight by doing this, but after about a month, last night I tried on a pair of work pants that I just don't wear very often because they're a bit tight. Well ladies, they fit! In total, I've lost about 7-10 pounds. It may not be a lot, and had I actually worked out intensely, I could have lost more weight, but how many girls can say that they got this rear end by watching Gilmore Girls?


  1. I sit on my bright pink ball at the computer desk. I don't think I've lost any weight just sitting on it (can't I will it to happen??), but my posture has gotten oodles better!

  2. um 7-10 lbs by exercising while watching tv is pretty awesome. reminds me of doing hw during commercials.

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  4. I'm a tv on dvd addict too. however i seldom take the advantage of exercising when I watch.